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Artist management, band growth & development with dedication to establish and guide careers within the entertainment industry.


To develop SugarNova in to an independent record label, along the journey establishing a portfolio of high profile artists whose careers have flourished through the organisation.


Please click this link if you are interested in being represented by SugarNova with examples of your work. Please send your music, YouTube links, portfolios or any other relevant examples. Thanks in advance for your interest.


Artists’ upcoming calendars and events.

About Us

Artist management company aiming to advance our artist’s careers, to showcase them to the world and elevate them to the highest calibre. We ensure they represent our brand to a grand standard, creating an ethos of excellence.

Working primarily with musicians, we also look to encourage and develop actors, models, fashion designers and athletes.

We are always scouting new talent, however we aim to have the right volume of artists in our portfolio, enabling us to invest quality time into them. This allows us to develop them to a platform where they are prominent.

Combining our hard work with your dedication, we strive for success by managing all aspects of our client’s careers with a hands on management style, including writing, production, touring, brand partnerships, endorsements and publicity. We utilise our central London location to expose our artists. We also embrace the latest technology and make the most of social media to help advance our artists.

Helping to build your fan base; where possible crossing genres, we look at growing your target market and opening up your music to new audiences.

With a number of strategic contacts in the music industry, including being affliated to organisations such as Music Manager’s Forum and The Unsigned Guide, we use these, among many other avenues to leverage our clients.

At SugarNova we are genuine, trustworthy and reliable. We look at your ambitions and how we can maximize these, by acting as an extension of you.

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Latest Release: Tom Mann – What Love Is

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