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chef diego

The most expensive hamburger in the world can soon be enjoyed by foodies around the world. In the Netherlands chef Diego is already famous for his burgers and this year he set a Guinness World Record for the most expensive burger anywhere. Which sparked interest in other countries. So now burger chef Diego is setting sail to Saudi-Arabia.

Diego Buik is by now the best known burger chef of the Netherlands, even more so because of this year’s mention in the Guinness World Records. With his passion for burgers this chef has already been paving the way for a long time.

In 2016 chef Diego gained second place in the competition Best Burger of Rotterdam and in 2015 he became rst.

This year he opened local pop-up restaurants Burger Atelier By Chef Diego. And his aim of conquering the world with top burger goes on.

Chef Diego has a number of endorsements and partnerships. While he has enjoyed success with several projects, he has several grand ventures ahead including goals of opening burger restaurants and growing his brand further.

Dante roze

Danté Roze, the Pop/Contemporary Rock Vocalist is an exciting artist on the Hollywood scene. Born Danté Murry on the south side of Chicago Illinois, this kid was always destined for greatness. Raised on one of the most dangerous sides of town, life-threatening hardships were never enough to keep this guy from dreaming. And after years of accepting the cards he was dealt, Danté faced his future head on.

With only a garbage bag full of clothes, Danté booked it to New York City and landed a spot as a top 50 finalist on Diddy’s MTV hit series “Making The Band 4”. Halfway through filming Danté felt something just wasn’t right. That rebel mindset of his wouldn’t allow him to become just another number. He longed for originality and mentally fell out the competition. Soon after, Danté was eliminated from the show and sent back home. At a loss for direction, he took a city bus out of his problems and into the arms of one of music’s capitals, Atlanta.

Danté used this experience as a stepping stool to re-invent himself and work on his “own” soundsince his R&B roots no longer sparked a passion. But somewhere between exhausting a dream and experiencing one of the worst breakups, a new Rock-Edge sound was birthed. Danté wrapped himself in his new sound and embraced it under a new name ‘Danté Roze’. New opportunities reigned as Danté found himself dashing for the hills; Hollywood Hills, where he finally felt home and free to create whomever he was to become.

Hollywood quickly brought new meaning to his life as a dreamer, and assured his readiness to take the music scene by storm with his gravitating vocals.

Now known for his powerful tone, phrasing and interpretation of music, Danté Roze shows no signs of slowing down as he embarks on a promising career of longevity. Time after time he sets himself apart from the rest without a fearless edge of sound and even style. Inspired by such legends as Jimi Hendrix & Frank Sinatra, Danté Roze is a one-take guy in the studio, with a natural approach to capturing his vision. Not to mention his compelling live performances. Danté transcends race, music genre and type-casting all in one while branding a belting sound of passion.

Now managed by the renowned Shayne Williams of SugarNova management, Danté Roze is more ready than ever to become a household name. Much success is predicted for this young man as he owns this hopeless romantic, bad-boy sound.

Since signing with SugarNova, Danté has amassed success on screen as well as within the music industry, landing a role in Fox's hit TV show, Empire. Danté appeared in 2 seasons of the show, connecting with with the case and crew to be a regular in the acting scene.

Danté has also enjoyed success shooting modelling campaigns for various brands and moved full time to the west coast, in LA.

Tom mann

Having already seen much success in his short career as a musician, 19 year old singer-songwriter Tom Mann was the latest thing to be labelled as one of the UK’s most promising up and coming artists.

By the age of 15 years old, Tom had already opened a London show for Jools Holland where over 5000 people watched on. Just months later, he featured live on-air with Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac as part of BBC Radio 1’s Introducing show. At 17 years old, Tom was approached to work under the management of LA-based rising star Joe Brooks, who then went on to hand-pick Tom as his opening act for his sold-out homecoming show in Southampton as part of his 2012 World Tour.

Tom has already attained a global fan base, stretching from North America and Canada all the way to the furthest point of Asia.

2012 was the year that saw the release of his debut EP “Decisions” onto iTunes which then later led to him signing to UK management company SugarNova. Since working under SugarNova, Tom has also released two single tracks which can be found exclusively online: “What Love Is” and “Falling For You”.

Tom enjoyed a lot of success from 2012 - 2014, performing at many reputable venues up and down the UK music scene which caught the attention of various talent counts, including those from Sony Music and X-Factor. Auditioning for X-Factor, Tom had two successful years, first auditioning as a solo artist however in 2014, Tom went all the way to the finals when partnering up and joining the boy band, Stereo Kicks who went on to finish in firth place on the show.

This success lead to Tom being signing a publishing deal for Sony/ATV Music which was well deserved for the talented singer-songwriter.