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As we gear up for the new season of Premiership football there’s a lot of anticipation in the air. Many teams have strengthened and there are some surprise packages this season and I’m sure there are some underdogs that will shock us all.

This season already has a different feel to it, though it hasn’t even started, with many changes both on and off the pitch. From your couch, where there’ll be more ways to watch football this season with the arrival of BT Sports to add a new dimension to the viewing experience through to the dugout where you’ll find a number of new managers in the hot seat.

With all top 3 clubs from last season with a new ‘Gaffer’ managing their respective teams, Manchester City bringing in flair with their new manager Manuel Pellegrini, along with the signings such as Jesus Navas, not to mention the spending power they already have. Similarly to their title challengers this season, Chelsea who welcome back Jose Mourinho which already promises to spark the life back into the Premier League with his genius and personality, he makes Chelsea a team not just for those in West London but for the mutual fan too.

managersMoving on to the Champions who ended up winning the league convincingly last season, this season may be a completely different battle both mentally and physically.

With those around the champions adding to their squads and back room staff, new manager David Moyes has had a troubling pre-season with the unsettled Wayne Rooney and lack of players interested in a move to Manchester United. This may even lead to fans questioning if Moyes is the right man to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson.

Moyes has been given a long term contract with United as they look to continue with their long term structure in building success over time. However in this era, how long is too long to have to wait for success?

With not adding to the squad beyond Sir Alex’s signings of Wilfred Zaha in January and Guillermo Varela, both being young exciting players for the future, is this enough to help with this season squad?

One thing supporters of the premiership may neglect is the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson’s mere presence was enough to win games.The fiery Scot had the ability to intimidate press, opposing managers, referees and teams all over Europe with every chew of his gum.

‘Fergie Time’ became a phrase associated with the champions as they fought to the dying seconds of each game to get a result.

If they say the crowd is the 12th man, then Sir Alex Ferguson was surely the 13th, 14th and on occasions the 15th man on the pitch.This is why United were so successful over past decades, because they mentally had an extra player at every game and he had the ability to make tough calls, generally getting them right 99 times out of 100.

So what are your thoughts on this season? Who will be the top 3 and in what order? And will there be a surprise contender of the title and European places?

No matter how you look at it, this season promises to be something completely different and special…

Foot - Angleterre - Barclays Premier League 2008 - 2009


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