We work with you to understand the target area for your business, analysing data to support various scenarios. We look at process streamlining and improvement and change management, whist project managing end to end.

We want to discover more about your business, be disruptive and adapt your thinking and strategy so that you can deliver your goals.

We help your business adapt to continuously changing markets and circumstances allowing your business to thrive and achieve long term success.

When your business operates in a competitive market place, acquiring new customers can be a challenge. We work with you to deliver strategies that maximise your opportunities to deliver for your customers and brand. We help you cross-sell and up-sell to your existing customers while acquiring new business/clients.

When creating a sales strategy, you should not overlook the significance of customer retention. To achieve this you need to capitalise on the internal data you currently manage.

At SugarNova we can help streamline data to arm your sales team with the knowledge to make better decisions. Having a better understanding of your customers through data, can increase their loyalty and drive more revenue in a far more efficient manner.


We work with business and brand leaders to help them develop and articulate their purpose while we develop activity that brings a brand or business’s purpose to life and makes it real. Our experience allows us to develop measurable strategies to grow your bottom line. It is our business to see your business succeed.

We have a wealth of experience across a number of business sectors and a track record of driving sales while delivering a fantastic customer experience.

— Shayne Williams, Founder & Managing Director


At SugarNova we are authentic, trustworthy and reliable

We look at your ambitions and how we can maximise these, by acting as an extension of you. We customise an experience deliver a strategy that caters to your short, medium and long term business goals.

  • We collaborate with you to understand your issues.
  • We identify the best-fit solution and produce it.
  • We deliver the best strategy to give you the commercial advantage.

Just like you, we want your business to succeed.

We can help you to implement growth opportunities within your business. By combining a variety of tasks and processes, we can help you to create long-term value for both your business and your customers.

We analyse potential opportunities for growth and monitor the implementation of new strategies designed to help you grow your business grow beyond all expectations.