About us

SugarNova was built with the objective of changing lives of small to large businesses, but in addition, changing lives of our team members.

SugarNova is not a digital marketing agency. We are primarily a talent scouting company, and our goal is to create a team that is top 1% of the world in their aspect. We can keep these people with us with just being different. We don’t have ordinary 9-5 jobs.

We are also not a digital marketing agency for our clients. We are growth partners. A plugin to your business. By jumping on a call with us, you can hire an entire team of top 1% talent in literally 30 minutes. That’s our strength.

The people behind

In 2017, SugarNova was founded by Shayne, experienced food and beverage entrepreneur and true foodie. He specialised in getting hospitality brands to break into crowded markets.

Later, Ferre proved to be the perfect addition to the leadership team and became co-owner & head of operations.




Operations Director


Marketing Director