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Shopify Developer



But that doesn't matter, what do you need?

A dream job, does it exist? We are convinced it does.

No, I’m not talking about a 9-5.

I’m talking about being an entrepreneur, choosing your own hours, working where you want and what hours you want.

I’m talking about managing your own work.

Sounds unrealistic, right?

That’s because all employers use their people to make their own dreams come true.

Because 99%+ of all employees are lived instead of living.We are 100% against that, and we want to change that.

If you are not happy, why should you represent our company with total motivation?

Some people want a lot of free time. Some people don’t need free time but mostly want a grind and a big paycheck. Others want to work from Bali and go surfing in the afternoon. And we (the owners) are like that ourselves.

Whatever your priority is, we give that. Because that’s where your happiness lies.

Building dreams together.

We at SugarNova are different.

We are not the awkward boss who asks you to finish something even if you quit at 3 o’clock that day.

We are not the boss who stops you from going full steam ahead with your dreams.

 will support you in your goals. Will you stop with us one day to do your own thing? We are going to help you. Want to start your own agency? We’ll even refer you, clients.

But first and foremost, we will do ALL we can to ensure you don’t even have that need.

Because within our organisation, you can make all the dreams you can think of come true. Guaranteed.

If you have motivation, we have the dream life for you. Employed.

But, who the f*ck we are?

We are a fast-growing digital agency that won’t stop and won’t go for anything less than getting the world’s No1.

No, not in the number of clients, revenue or number of employees.

The No1 in changing lives. Like yours possibly.

We want to transform our clients’ lives from the moment they work with us. We want to change our employees’ lives from when they work with us. It sounds impossible doesn’t it?

Not if we keep hiring talented and motivated people like you.

And that’s why we’re writing a whole story here.

Still reading? Then I’m sure we need YOU.